African Heritage Foundation Nigeria Website Re-Design Case Study


10 May, 2018 at 10:00 am
Website Re-Design

  • Front End Website Development
  • Clean Website Codes
  • Mobile Responsive Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Bespoke UI Design
  • Working Website Contact Form
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Website reDesign Project Details

African Heritage Foundation Nigeria (A.H.F.N.) is an independent, non-political and non-profit organization based in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria - is dedicated to examining the full range of socio-political, historical and technological factors that influence African culture and heritage across the world.
There was a need for a professional and engaging website that would align with the goals of the organization. This is the primary aim of the company and the President of the organization had to put this idea into a more actionable step by contacting Abule Graphics to ensure they fulfill their set goals.

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AFHN's Challenge

Before contacting Abule Graphics, AHFN had a functioning website which had a very high bounce rate due to the following factors:

  1. The previous website did not present the organization as it should
  2. The previous website was difficult to manage
  3. The previous website was not responsive (did not adjust when viewed on mobile) and the letters were very small, this altered proper communication of information to website visitors
  4. The previous website loaded slowly on mobile and desktop devices
  5. Poor choice of colors and typography which made the website unappealing to visitors
  6. Very high Website Bounce Rate
  7. User engagement and experience on the website was generally poor
  8. Graphic Designs were not professional and looked bad
  9. Call To Actions (CTAs) were not strategically placed on the previous website pages
  10. Too many broken links (links that lead nowhere) on the website pages
  11. Poor structure in terms of Silo and lacked proper website content segmentation
These challenges really altered User engagement and pushed the President and staff of the organization in search for a professional Website Deveveloper to help them achieve all their set goals.



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Abule Graphics' Solution

Abule Graphics unleashed their unique voice on the Internet and helped promote their brand and engagement in the following ways:

  1. Our representative discussed wth the organization's representative to get a clear view of all their achievable interget goals
  2. We reviewed the content of the website, eliminating all found typographical errors
  3. We deleted old files from the control panel and re-designed a user-friendly and 100% responsive website
  4. We made sure the images and codes (Javascript, HTML, PHP, CSS, etc) were compressed and cached for faster loading to improve the website's user experience
  5. We implemented creative and more professional graphic designs to promote user experience on their website
  6. We finally launched the re-designed website after the organization's representatives have reviewed and are pleased with the completed website design.
  7. The Staff and President of the organization were all pleased with our website programmers and willingly dropped a THUMBS-UP in the testimonials below.

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The Organization's Growth after Engagement

Increase in sales after 1 month
90% Complete (success)
Increase in lead after 1 month
94% Complete (success)



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